Spring Energy Saving Tips: Heating and Cooling

by carko on April 8, 2010

It seems only yesterday we were shoveling out from over two feet of snow. I always vow not to put my Air Conditioning until at least Memorial Day. With the “Heat Wave” of this week I had to re-think my strategy. Here’s a little tip to keep your house cool, avoid turning on the AC and let some clean fresh air in everyday! Leave the windows open at night when it gets cool or open them first thing in the morning. Purchase an indoor/outdoor thermometer and keep it in a easily viewable spot such as the kitchen. Keep the windows open until the temperature outside reaches a comfortable indoor temp for you (about 70-73 degrees for me) – or when outside gets hotter than the inside. Then shut all the windows. The cooler air will be locked inside the house as it gets hotter outside. I also close all the doors, drapes and curtains to keep the sunlight (and heat) out. Our home is surrounded by trees which really helps it stay cool throughout the day. We installed awnings on all our second floor windows, (which was a big expense) but also helps the house stay cool during the hot summer months. Setting a goal for myself and using this techniques above, I successfully managed to turn the air conditioning on only about 15 days last Spring/Summer. We were comfortable and cool most days.

On those Spring mornings when the temperature still dips down at night, I would rather not gas up the furnace to heat the entire house. I purchased a small very efficient quartz heater. It heats up to 1,000 square feet, looks like furniture but runs like a furnace. I turn it on in the kitchen and our family room in the morning and wait for the temperature to rise outside before turning it off. The cost to run is nominal and I save big-time on my gas bill. There’s a great little shop in Ohio that sells a few models starting at $297.00.

Buying a retractable clothes line is a small investment that really pays off. A few years ago my dryer broke and I was is no big hurry to purchase a new one. It was the end of Spring and I decided to hang all of my clothes out on the line to see how it would affect my utility bill. Surprisingly enough, the savings added up to about the cost of my new dryer. Aside from the towels being a bit too crunchy, the sheets and shirts smelled like a fresh spring day. Of course, I only use natural, toxin-free Shaklee Laundry Products so there was no chemical smell to take away from that lovely fresh smell. It reminded me of my youth when most homes had a clothes line out back.

A few minor changes can help conserve energy and make a big difference to your pocketbook!

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